Human gravity par Gérard Xuriguera

If Rena Tzolakis works on appearances, she invokes them only to reveal their quintessence, their secret fibre, their hidden finery, blurring the configurations in the net of a shifting woof, weaving an expertly-distilled veil of mist which is idicative of infinity. By transgressing the standard function of an imaGe, by excluding the anecdotal convention, she reduces her themes to their essential geography, to their textured tracery stripping her themes untill a sort of immateriality is achieved.
What attracts her is not the clear rendering of the thing represented but its allusive interpretation, achieved without deformations while being tirelessly pushed into uncertain fields sown with the unknown, where the shimmering of natural elements attune themselves to the flux of memory.
Trajectory of Tzolakis, with its contrasts of light and shadow, its paths leading up : or down stream, its fragile and shaking undulations, as if swept by a sea breeze, testify to an intimate feeling for nature as well as a modesty which contributes to her subtle charm and her «human gravity».

Gérard Xuriguera

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